Fee and rebate

•  Fee
    We use step-wise fee structure, which is set according to the complexity of treatments. The fees can be found in Conditions segment.  


•  Payment
    The payment is required on the day of treatment. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and EFTPos.


•  Rebate
    Patients can claim Medicare rebate item number 199. The rebate amount is currently $107.25 for general population. Patients are encouraged for contact Medicare regarding Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) eligibility. Extra rebate may cover 80% of the out-of-pocket cost after the $107.25 when threshold is reached. 
    Please refer to  http://www.mbsonline.gov.au/internet/mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/Factsheet-EMSN1Jan2020


•  Third-party payment
    We do not accept payment from third-party agencies, such as WorkSafe or Transport Accident Commission (TAC). We provided invoice for claim purpose.


•  Fail to attend 
    Patients who need to reschedule or cancel their appointments are encouraged to inform us at least 24 working hours before the appointments. We do not charge any fail-to-attend fee, however, we require deposit of the full fee ($175- $300) before making next appointment if patients fail to do so. 

•  Consultation only
    Patients who would like to have consultations only will be charged $150 for 20 minutes, with approximate $73 Medicare rebate. 

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Fee and rebate


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