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    The very first paper I would like to present was on headache in pregnancy, which was published in 2017 by a group of European researchers on the behalf of the European Headache Federation. The topic is Headache and Pregnancy: a systematic review. As indicated in the topic, this is a systematic review, which is generally the best form of evidence.

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Nowadays, patients are keen to collect information from various sources, including their friends, social media, and Dr. Google. The information and understanding of the conditions are critical to make informed decisions. As a doctor, I encourage my patients to learn more about their conditions. On the other hand, the information can be biased or be difficult to interpret. In order to provide credible and understandable information, I am going to select clinically relevant, peer-reviewed and credible articles for our patients. In addition, I would like to present the information in those paper in a way that general population can understand. I would like to call it Journal Club for Patients, and our mission is to provide reliable information in plain language.

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