COVID-19 Safety Plan

We understand your concern in this extraordinary time. We are here to help. The clinic is classified as an essential service during Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne. We are operating according to DHHS policies on the COVID-19 safety plan.

The clinic is specifically fitted out for acupuncture treatment. It is designed to meet the highest standard, including

  • 4 spacious treatment rooms
  • Bacterial-resistant vinyl floor
  • Antiseptic-cleanable treatment chairs
  • Mobile furniture and treatment beds
  • Anti-glare and flicker-free LED lighting

Our routine operational standards include

  • Fresh linen for every patient
  • Laundry by certified providers
  • Hand sanitizer for patients
  • Deep cleaning every 2 days, including chair roller wheels

We have implemented more precautionary methods to ensure your safety, includes

  • Screening patients with respiratory symptoms
  • Dedicated treatment room for each patient
  • Chair cleaning after every treatment
  • Zero-contact with other patients
  • P2/N95 mask and face shield for the GP
  • Surgical mask and face shield for the receptionist
  • Cleaning of door handles after each entry and exist
  • Alcohol wipe cleaning of EFTPOS machine after each use
  • Driving own cars to workplace

If you any enquires regarding COVID-19 safety, please contact us for more information.

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